gta india

GTA India -  GTA INDIA or something like this. This game is actually fan-made mod game so just download GTA India for pc from this website( link is given),  if you want to play the modded version of GTA san Andreas game which is GTA India. GTA India is the modified game of GTA San Andreas game. So, it is not an official game from rockstar company.

gta india

gta india for pc game

Minimum system requirement for playing gta india -From Pro dunia inside the computer 

Ram - 4 GB

Graphics Card - 512 MB Nvidia 

Processor - intel -i3 , Intel i5 

Hard disk space before extracting the game - approx 7 GB


Minimum system requirement for playing gta india -- From TN Hindi inside the computer 

●Operating system -: Windows XP, Windows 7 , Windows 8 ,Windows 10 
●Processor: low category processors like Pentium R Dual core, Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz OR any other better computer processor 
●Ram: 256MB 
●Video card ( Graphics Card) – Nvidia Geforce 64 MB, 128 MB. 
●disk space for installation of game – 6GB ++

gta india game From Pro dunia  file size before downloading  - 965 MB only

Game size after extraction - approx 6.30 GB

gta india game From tn hindi  file size before downloading  - 1.23 GB only

Game size after extraction - approx 6 GB

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